Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences at the UvA is a challenging Master's programme with world-renowned research on plant and animal species and the ecosystems to which they belong. It invites you to explore the options to sustainably use and protect the earth’s biodiversity. As a student you are part of the research community at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) and the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS). 

The Master's programme in Biological Sciences at the UvA offers specialised tracks in:


For expert training in biodiversity science choose the Ecology and Evoluion track and delve into topics such as origin and evolution of species, modelling community dynamics, biodiversity change at global and geological time scales (bird migration, effect of climate change), urban ecology and wildlife conservation.


If you are eager to expand your knowledge and skills in freshwater or marine ecosystems, dive into the Freshwater and Marine Biology track.


If your focus is on plants and their interaction with the environment at a molecular level, we look forward to seeing you in the Green Life Sciences track. 


Do you want the freedom to compile your own programme in biodiversity and life sciences, then the General Biology track is the suitable option for you. 


Generalised Curriculum Schedule

Generalised Curriculum MSc Biological Sciences

Career prospects

Your Master’s diploma qualifies for excellent positions both in- and outside the academia, anywhere in the world. For more detailed information please go to the track pages. 

MSc Biological Sciences
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